Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sick, Obscure & Fucked up - THIS IS GOREGRIND!

Obscene extreme is an awesome Grindcore festival that takes place once a year in the countryside of czech republic.
This video presents "Putrid pile" which is a one man goregrind act, well played and full of disgust!
This charismatic guy with a hat and a metal guitar, from god knows where in the world, gives a heavy and healthy (?!) dose of pure goregrind at obscene extreme. try to follow this dude more if you are into this style of music.
If not - BEWARE!

Friday, August 3, 2012

אהבת הארץ על דרך השלילה - על יוסף מונדי מאת ארז מירנץ

יוסף מונדי, אחד מהמחזאים היותר נסיוניים ומסקרנים שלקחו חלק בתאטרון הישראלי מאז קום המדינה.
לצערי יצא לי לקרוא עד היום רק את המחזה שלו "מושל יריחו", ואין ספק שמדובר ביוצר מחונן שהטיל ספק רב בחברה המיליטריסטית והפטריוטית בה אנו חיים בארץ ישראל, והביא את דעותיו החריפות לידי ביטוי בתקופה בה לא היה אפשר בכלל לחשוב על דרך אחרת מאשר אהבה חסרת תנאים לארץ.
ניתן ללמוד עוד אודות יוסף מונדי ושאר מחזותיו בכתבה המצוינת הזאת.

אהבת הארץ על דרך השלילה - על יוסף מונדי מאת ארז מירנץ

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Experimental film by Henry hills

I ran into this interesting experimental filmmaker from new-york, Henry hills by accident while reading stuff about henry hill (the ex-gangster) and so far i found just a few of his short pieces available and they are awesome!
He combines noise/avatgarde music with footage of real life events & movements.
This is his website with more extensive information about his works:

Monday, February 27, 2012

The devil & Daniel johnston

This is an inspiring, yet tragic story of a talented boy from Austin, TX. 
In the 1980's, daniel johnston gained recognition after spreading out homemade tapes of his music to friends & people at shows.
All the music on the tapes was recorded by him at his parents basement, using only a boombox and a microphone to record it.
For me, there is something creepy and awfully innocent in his music, which nowadays is considered as a cult to underground rock fans.
Daniel johnston is an awesome painter too, and his most famous drawing appears as the front cover for his tape "hi, how are you".
In general, the story is that during the 80's he had travelled around the united states doing music with the likes of Butthole Surfers, and did a bunch of drugs he wasn's supposed to do, due to mental issues that were hidden.
The drugs brought to an eruption of highly functional manic-depression and schizophrenia, and daniel was hospitalized for most of the 90's at a mental institute due to his mental illness and a constant obsession with the devil.
His lyrics give you an image of a lost boy in a giant world of madness.
His song "A story of an Artist" could give you a great perspective of feeling you are not good enough for everyone's standards becuase you do what you are passionate about.

His full story is portrayed in the movie titled " The devil & Daniel johnston", which i will hook you up with in this blog in the next few weeks.
For now, you could enjoy his music and have a look at his work of art in his official website:

Thanks to dean klein for introducing this to me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting for Beckett

Samuel beckett is the father of the "theatre of absurd".
Mainly known for the famous play"waiting for godot" and many other works of Theatre, Literature & Poetry. (Endgame, Molloy, Krapp's last tape & more...)
Here you can get an excellent portrait of one of modern times most fascinating playwrights.
video is in english and includes subtitles in hebrew.

Part 1/6:


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

beware of the ZOFEK

While walking around the streets of filthy, southern tel-aviv you may confront the dark-satanic creatures wandering inside ZOFEK'S mind, and brought to you in the form of street art, flyers and posters.
all praise the ZOFEK :

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surreal film from czech republic

I ran into this video Jan svankmajer did, and after some research i found out he is one of the world's more honoured animators.
After being in czech republic on several occasions, getting stoned to death or just breathing the smoke in small bars and getting wasted from that - if i find something from czech republic i'm automatically attracted to it.
Jan svankmajer has done a whole lot of experimental work aswell as more commercial stuff for the american and european film industry.
His work is annoyingly percise, and very funny as well.
He is mostly known for using the stop-motion technique.

More videos: